Monday, September 8, 2008


This is my first step into the world of blogging. I thought I would begin by letting you know a little of myself and how my love of cooking and eating began. First let me begin with The Celtic Cook, easy to explain, I am a Scot living in the USA and I have been now for almost 5 years. I arrived here via Hungary and Netherlands with a few intervals back home to remind me of my roots and recharge my Scottish batteries.My love affair with food began almost 35years ago, when as a gift to me as a new bride, my sister-in -law gave me a cook book called "Great Classic Recipes of the world" This was a bit adventurous for a novice cook but it sparked my interest into the culinary world which has grown over years and I can now count my cook book library into the hundreds. As I write this I have that first book lying by me and can still marvel at the now fading pages and pictures of what 35 years ago I could  only dream of ever reaching the level needed to cook these dishes. Food fashions have changed since then and I would never even think of cooking up Pantoufle Perigourdin, a dish compromising of chicken breasts, butter, foie gras, Madeira, truffles and sherry, a bit heavy on the luxury items!and hard on the cholesterol, or Choucroute Alsacienne, which calls for 3llbs sauerkraut, pork fat, smoked pork, smoked ham and various types of sausage amongst some of the ingredients. Definitely food out of fashion. But the book remains the thing that sparked my interest and has kept my husband and friends happy for many years, I still cook the Quiche and it is still my favourite book I reach for when I make Gazpacho.This book always will have a special place in my heart.

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jill said...

Loved your blog.I never quite mastered the art of cooking myself more the eating part I enjoy! Interesting to find out more, not just how cooking varied in the different countries you 've lives in, but also how food has moved through so many fashions. Keep it coming.