Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Can any one out there help me. I frequently see recipes asking for light cream. What is it and where can I get it? Is it half and half? Also is there a substitute.
Hope someone out there can help as I have exhausted all possibilities here.


Coby said...

I use light ('lite') cream often. Here (Australia) it's still apparently the consistency of pouring cream, but this is often due to added gelatine. I would suggest you could use half and half, but I suspect that would be a little thinner. Not sure as we don't have half and half here, but if it helps, the light cream I have right now has 18% 'milk fat'. It can't be whipped, though I see now you can buy thick/whipped light cream too:)

I would happily use regular pouring cream if I couldn't find the lighter version:)

Jacqui said...

Unfortunately all I have available here is Heavy(double cream) Half & Half or whipping,no pouring cream to be found.But thanks for your suggestions.

Coby said...

Well, if you don't think that half and half is quite thick enough, you could whisk it together with a little heavy cream to get a similar product (or even combine milk with heavy cream). I think the closest consistency as a comparison would be the way custard pours when hot? It's a surprise that a country that does some of the most decadent desserts there isn't a huge range of creams like there is in Australia...but then again, we have been dobbed in as the fattest nation, so perhaps that's a telling sign?