Friday, October 24, 2008


Thought it was about time that I paid homage to my CELTIC roots. When people ask me to cook something Scottish I always find myself scratching my head and wondering what to do. Scotland's cuisine has been changing over the years and believe it or not the most popular take out food is actually Indian! Glasgow always wins the title of Curry Capital of Europe, and Scotland has many wonderful restaurants. We still have our "chippies", fish & chip take outs, where not only can you buy deep fried fish but also deep fried anything you can think of including pizza & Mars Bars, although I know Nigella in one of her books does deep fry a bounty bar, so maybe it's now trendy, but don't think that's the reason they do it in Scotland. Traditionally soups and stews were the staple of the Scottish diet, and everyone just loves "tatties and mince". Although we are an island, fish comes very low in the nations diet and sadly most of Scotland's catch heads overseas. Unfortunately the Scottish diet is not the healthiest in the world, but then I challenge you to think of a nation that does not have unhealthy food on it's menu.
What I have decided to blog is the dish I am most asked to cook by non-Brits, and that is the SCOTCH EGG, or Scottish Egg as it is referred to by some of my American friends. Now, I know it is deep fried, which is probably why it tastes so good, but there is an egg in it so maybe you can forgive me the indulgence.
When I serve it here it is usually cut into quarters and served as part of a buffet. My husband is going to be so happy tonight to find these back on the menu, even if it is for one night only. He is so happy with my blogging full stop as I am cooking and experimenting so much more than I did before, and he is a very happy and willing taster.

5 hard boiled eggs (8 mins approx) shelled but kept whole
1lb sausage meat + seasoning to taste
1/4 cup flour + more to keep hands and board well floured
2 beaten eggs with a pinch salt
1 cup breadcrumbs
canola oil( or your choice of oil) to cover eggs while deep frying.

Bring oil up to 350f

Divide sausage meat into 5 pieces. Test fry a little to check seasoning. Sometimes I add a little dried sage for an interesting flavour.

Flatten the sausage meat into a round and with well floured hands start forming it around the egg. It may take a little time to get it done but just ease it gently around the egg. Make sure there are no cracks.

When all the eggs are done dip into beaten egg mix then into breadcrumbs. I like to repeat this to give a thicker crispier finish.

Then deep fry. I do this a few at a time. Keep the turning over in the oil to get an even colour. It takes about 8 mins to cook through.

Now they are ready to serve. I will serve them with a salad and some of my homemade tomato chutney, but they make a great picnic food, work well in a lunch box or as I said earlier quartered and served as part of a buffet.

I hope you enjoy this "Taste of Scotland" and the insight into the Scottish palate.
Have a great weekend where ever you are in the world and enjoy whatever you are eating. Everything in moderation is my mantra.


Nazarina A said...

These scotch eggs are to die for! I am so glad I discovered your blog! I would love to pay homage to Celtic cuisine!!!! Hope we can be friends!

Val said...

Brought back memories of Hogmanay in Scotland !!!!!
Scotch Eggs were always on the buffet table only difference being I bought them from Marks @ Spencer
cheater !!!

Coby said...

I made baked-Scotch eggs once, they were a great reminder that some things are SUPPOSED to be deep fried! Yours sound great, keeping with tradition and not over fancying them. They look delicious too:)