Monday, October 13, 2008


Could hear the rain on the window when I woke up this morning, and there is nothing worse than a wet Monday. I managed to drag myself off to the pool for a swim and on my return did a few household chores before sitting myself down with a nice cup of coffee and a pile of coobooks and magazines. A wet Monday wasn't seeming nearly so bad now.
I have British Good Food magazine on subscription and as November's copy had arrived on Saturday I slowly picked my way through it, savouring all the wonderful recipes wondering what I would cook from it. I soon spied a recipe for Morrocan Spiced Fish with Ginger Mash and as the mash was made from sweet potaotoes I would be able to use the ones we picked from the garden at the weekend, it looked really yummy. I will let you know how it goes. For US readers of this blog GOOD FOOD MAGAZINE is available in some Barnes & Noble and Border Stores, or you can access it on, it is a really great food magazine. Every month I find lots of wonderful dishes to cook, I am sure you will enjoy it. I had pulled out some old magazines which I keep for browsing and on the top of the pile was last year's November issue of Good Food and I was slightly surprised to see both covers looking almost identical! Two covers with roast chicken dishes on them, I wonder if anyone at the magazine noticed this? I couldn't believe it when I came across the article for making Christmas cakes and puddings. Is it that time of year already? Should I panic and rush off and buy everything I need to make them? No I simlply took one look at the rain pouring streaming down the window, had another sip of my coffee and turned the page. Decided it can wait a week or two . I was happy doing what I was doing for now. Mini Fish Pies with Pea Soup Shots is a must for a future dinner party and followed with A Pineaple and Liquorice Pudding served with Coconut Custard is bound to be a hit with my friends. Can't wait to put that meal together. Watch this space for future reference.
One book I had picked off the shelf is a little book of food writings, it is called FOOD & BOOZE edited by Michelle Wildgen. It is full of interesting little
stories about eating and drinking. I picked it up at Magers & Quinn in Uptown Minneapolis last year and frequently pull it out and each time I find something new and interesting. Worth checking out.
I must now check out as it is almost time to start preparing supper and there is one more cup of coffee in the pot to be drunk before I begin.

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