Monday, November 10, 2008


I have just realised it is now 2 months since I started blogging. When I began it was because I wanted to share some of my recipes and experiences with people. I hoped I had a story to tell, and recipes to be enjoyed and shared. My husband and friends keep saying I should write a cookbook, but that seems like so much work and commitment, so blogging seemed like a nice way of sharing. I had no idea if anyone, apart from family and friends, would read my pieces so it has come as a great surprise to me to find people from as far away as Australia regularly hook up and there is also regular hits from across the US, UK and places across Europe. I was especially impressed when writing about a wine choice I had a reply from the Sales Director of Gerard Bertrand the wine maker. The power of the Internet. I also feel I am making friends through this venture and look forward to hearing from Coby at VI'S PANTRY WE DON"T HAVE A BLOG, Nazarin at GIDDY GASTRONOME, Sally at PINK BYTES, Kelly-Jane at COOKING THE BOOKS, to name but a few. These blogs give me lots of inspiration and an insight as to what everyone else is doing with their culinary skills, while at the same time giving me a glimpse into their lives. They are all such creative and clever people having fun doing what they do best. I feel as if am getting to know my fellow bloggers pretty well.
I was surprised to see how quickly blogging has become an obsession for me. I always loved to cook but now find myself really thinking about every ingredient I use, about why I'm using it and if in fact I need it at all. I scrutinise recipe books and cooking magazines with a new fervour, searching for recipes which I hope other people will enjoy, recipes which don't have pages of ingredients and instructions, which can be produced easily, and for the most part are quick to cook as I know we all lead very busy lives. I photograph my dishes lovingly although my husband has been heard to moan as his stomach grumbles while I place the food, adjust the lighting, then replace the food, you guys know how it goes. On more than one occasion he has had to nuke his supper to heat it up again. Oh dear, never meant it to go this far, but at least he is enjoying all the experimenting I am doing in the name of blogging. I lie in bed wondering what I can blog tomorrow, what would interest people, and most importantly what will I cook. Is this too weird?
I also like to share my failures, of which there have been many, and I'm sure there will be more in the future. But we are all human and the trick is to be able to laugh at the disasters and learn from them. No-one expects perfection, well not too many, and most people feel relieved that they are not alone in the culinary failures world. How else would we learn and move on.
So a big thank you to everyone who has hooked up to my blog, I enjoy each and every comment, keep them coming, and I look forward each morning to checking my blog updates, and to see has posted while I have been asleep. First I pour my coffee then settle down in front of the computer, everything else put on hold until I've had my morning fix into the world of blogging.

Keep cooking and keep blogging.


Coby said...

Jacqui I am very much enjoying your blog:) I think I saw your name first on K-J's blog and followed you here from there! I agree that it's wonderful to blog about all sorts of experiences in the kitchen, not only successes but the less successful (surely if we learn from them they're not failures?:)). You can let your husband know he's not alone in having to wait for his meal while a photo is taken - though I often succumb to the family and end up with dodgy photos so I can feed the family. I think my kids think it is normal to take photos of the dinner plate and often ask me to snap their plate before they eat!

Bro. Jason Parker said...

Keep up the good work. I love to blog also.