Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Winter is now upon us here in Minnesota and it is amazing how a nice hot pud can feel so comforting. Baked apples filled with a tasty mincemeat filling hits the spot exactly. This is a dish we had as children and one I used to cook quite frequently, but I guess food trends change, and we so easily put to the side the old familiar dishes and replace them with new exciting flavours and textures. I think we should revive some of the childhood dishes, as Coby did on Vi's panntry we don't have a blog, blog site, with her recipe for pineapple upside down cake, a great favourite of my husbands. This has been his lucky day as Whisk:a food blog contained a rice pudding recipe another of his favourites.(See my blog list for details) I plan to make both of them over the next couple of weeks therefore keeping him very happy man indeed. So thank you ladies! There is plenty of room to keep our traditional recipes in circulation while at the same time experimenting with the new. Variety is the spice of life after all.
The apple recipe is so simple but so very satisfing on a cold night. Add a slurp of cream or dollop of good vanilla ice cream, who can ask for more.

1 apple per person, cored and scored around the middle to stop it bursting in the oven.
Mixed fruit or mincemeat, enough to fill the cavity of the apple.
A drizzle of honey over the top.

Put apples into a dish it should be a snug fit.
Bake at 350f/200c for 20-25 mins, until soft when a knife is inserted.

!!! Remember filling will be extremely hot !!!.
Sorry if recipe is a bit vague but it is one of these recipes that was never written down and varied slightly each time it was cooked but I'm sure it is enough for you to start experimenting with the basics.

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