Friday, December 5, 2008


I have spent this week nursing the dreaded cold, not at all helped by the freezing temperatures here. It is hovering in single digits, Fahrenheit, thanks to a wind blowing down from Canada. Thank you Canada!

Fortunately I had the luxury of being able to pamper myself through it. For the past few days I have been holed up in front of a nice fire, under a cozy blanket, watching daytime TV, surrounded by holiday books and magazines partaking of a hot toddy or two to see me through the worst of it. Almost worth getting a cold for.
For those of you who have not had the experience of a hot toddy then next time the dreaded cold or flu bug hits be sure to try it out. It's warming properties soon have you feeling better as it warms from the inside out.

There are many recipes but this is the one I use, but feel free to experiment. However, do not mess with the whisky as this is the most important part of the cure.


1 measure of scotch whisky (2 if you feel you need it)!
squeeze of lemon juice
tsp honey

Top all this up with boiling water and stir to dissolve honey. I like to use a cinnamon stick but this is optional.

As you sip you will feel the warm glow gently slip through your aching body and soon you will be feeling better. Repeat as necessary. Before long you will be back to your old self.

I do not wish cold or flu on anyone so maybe you could try it out just as a precautionary measure! You might get to like it.

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Nazarina A said...

Trust the good old hot toddy to cure ones ails!Hope you feel better!