Monday, December 8, 2008

I have taken a break from the festive cooking and turned my attention to foodie decorations. Why do I call them foodie? Well this is because I use herbs and cranberries in my ice pots which I then use to decorate my porch. I can leave these outdoors all through the festive season and all I need to do is light the candles in them each night. They look beautiful twinkling through the dark night. This is one time I am happy to live in the cold mid west.

They are so simple to make, just need a bit of time. I collect old containers in the run up to Christmas, ice cream, butter, yogurt cartons, infact any containers work for this. You first freeze about 2" of water in the bottom of the larger containers, I do this on the deck, then once it is frozen solid you add a smaller container inside the large one and fill around the edge with an 1" or so of water, inserting whatever decorations you want. Herbs & berries work really well. You continue freezing in layers otherwise everything floats to the surface. This happened to a few of mine but it doesn't really matter. They will always look pretty. Once they are filled and frozen release with the help of some hot water. Place a candle in the center and you have a beautiful Christmas talking point. That is if you live somewhere cold enough for them to last.

You can have fun making these and the children will love to help. People are always impressed when they arrive at the door and see the candles flickering in the night. A warm Minnesota welcome on a cold Minnesota night.


Coby said...

What a lovely idea:) That does look so festive Jacqui - though not something I'll be able to copy as even in winter here, it wouldn't be cold enough. Ahh the joys of the internet getting to see the Festive season celebrated in so many ways!

Val said...

We will need to change your name to Martha !!!!!
Great idea I will need to try it.