Monday, January 5, 2009


Can't believe I have been away from my blog and my kitchen for so long. Withdrawal symptoms definitely setting in. Hope everyone reading this had a fabulous Festive Season and enjoys a healthy and peaceful 2009.

I had a wonderful time in Scotland with my family. We enjoyed real quality time with the people we love. Daughter number 1 will give us the gift of a new grandchild in March and daughter number 2 is happily in love with a very nice young man. It is so good to see them so happy.

I arrived home with lots of great gifts and a few not so nice gifts, ie: extra inches and extra llbs, oh well I guess with a bit of hard work they won't hang around too long, fingers crossed. We ate so well with everyone trying to feed us up on all our traditional Scottish Fare. Scottish breakfasts, fish and chips, steak pie and bacon rolls to name but a few. I will elaborate at a later date on these foods. We also enjoyed revisiting some of our favourite restaurants, CAFE MAO in particular. It was always one of our favourite Glasgow haunts and it was great to be welcomed back like long lost family. Maybe we did spend too many nights there!

I was never allowed to be in the kitchen instead treated like a VIP. Got to quite like it. Both daughters cooked for us, always good to see them carrying on the family traditions. Think there is a bit of pressure but I can assure you it was all wonderful. My daughter's new boyfriend even joined in and produced a delicious chocolate cheesecake which I promised to mention in my blog. Well done Matthew.

Now I'm back and looking for healthy recipes to cook. Fruit and veg high on my list. I will enjoy once again being in the kitchen trying out new, and revisiting old recipes in the coming weeks. I will now once again become part of the blogging family and look forward to all your new recipes and ideas.

So a big thanks to everyone, family and friends who made us feel so welcome back in Scotland. Hope we can enjoy entertaining some of you over in USA in the coming year.

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Gavan aka The Healthy Irishman said...

You're back in action I see. Back safe and sound. Always great to have the fam bam around for the Christmas. I'll be back to read of your adventures.
Happy New Year to you too.