Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Valentine's Day is coming up and once again the stores a full of money making opportunities, with gifts, cards and all manner of things red and pink and covered in hearts. Do we really need this special day to tell the people we love how we feel? Or is it just a marketing ploy and why do we succumb so easily? Today I even saw them removing Valentine merchandise for Easter gifts. Seems to me that the year is one long celebration after another. Halloween runs into Christmas which runs into Valentine's Day followed by Easter, not forgetting St Patrick's Day. Where will it all end?

For me the joy of these holidays is the opportunity to fill the neighbourhood kids once again with cookies and cakes. No point in letting their sugar levels drop too far during the year, ha, ha. Easy for me having no children at home. I fill bowls with candies, of the appropriate colour for the season,of course. I then fill little gift bags for any kids who happen to visit and send them home to the joy of the parents. Wonder why the kids love to visit me?

I have also been making cakes and cookies for my husband to take to the office. Think I was a bit off my game this week as for some reason it was taking longer than usual. Anyway I managed to finish them and will send them in with him tomorrow. He is taking Friday off from work and we will have a long, and hopefully romantic weekend together. Knowing my husband it will be everything I wish it to be, and more. I know this sounds slushy but after nearly 35 years together he knows what pleases me. We will be spending the night in Minneapolis and eating at a wonderful restaurant called CHAMBERS, I will update you after the event. It is one of my favourite places to eat, on a special occasion, in the city.

Hope you enjoy seeing what I have been up to in the kitchen and that Valentine's Day is a wonderful day for you. Despite the commercialism.............


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Coby said...

Happy St Valentine's day Jacqui! We're only together 12 years but I know what you mean:) I suppose we can choose not to indulge in the commercial side of it, but still do something special:D Have a lovely time:)