Sunday, February 8, 2009


When Friday comes around I am always full of anticipation for the weekend which lies ahead. Friday just gone was no exception. My husband was back after a few days out of state, the temperature was on the rise, well to just above freezing, but we take whatever we can get here this time of year, and I had just enjoyed a lovely lunch with some other ex-pat girls who live in the area. So all was well with the world.

On the way home I would stop off at my local supermarket and buy some mussels for tonight's supper. While making the purchase I was drawn to the oysters. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows they have become my new food fad. I had never before bought and shucked them, wasn't even sure I could, but with advice from my wonderful fishmonger, Darrell, I bought 6 of them. At 99cents each not exactly a huge extravagance. I also bought soused herring and a nice dark bread to serve alongside. I was happy with my purchases and couldn't wait to try the "shucking".

To my surprise this was an easy task once I got the knack. I arranged them on a plate with the herring in the middle, cut some lemons and pulled some hot sauce out of the pantry. I think simple is the best way to go and looked forward not only to enjoying them but to seeing the look on my husbands face when he saw the treat I had in store for him. The oysters in case you are curious? But you never know as we all know the properties of oysters!!!!

They looked good and happy to say they also tasted good. Okay they weren't quite as good as the ones I had eaten in OCEANAIRE last weekend but still pretty good. We were both in agreement. I had always been afraid to serve them at home but I can see me doing this again.

A great start to what would be a wonderful weekend. Life doesn't get much better than this.