Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yes, I know this is a strange title for a blog, and you are probably wondering what it is all about, well let me enlighten you.

Last weekend my husband, myself and an aunt, visiting from Scotland, took a trip up to the north shore of Lake Superior. Although summer has arrived here in Minnesota it certainly hadn't arrived where we were. In fact it actually snowed on Sunday, ever so briefly but snow it did. It was during this time whilst browsing in a store that my husband came across a cookbook called, yes, you've guessed it, ANGRY TROUT CAFE NOTEBOOK. It was a signed copy, and obviously local. We made enquires as to where it was and it turned out we could actually see it from where we were standing.

Cold and getting colder by the minute we hurried over to warm ourselves with some hot coffee. What a treat lay in store for us. The building was nothing more than an old fishing shanty. Inside was a simple but comfortable eating place, and we were met by very friendly staff. As we read through the menu we realised that we had stumbled over something special.

The fish they serve is caught on the lake, all the food is sourced locally. The furniture, also made by a local, even the mugs are from a local potter. It seems the whole town in some way has made it's mark here. From wood carvings to stained glass, the list just goes on.

The menu is simple, fresh and delicious. These people are really serious about recycling and sustainability. The menu covers are from cardboard boxes in which produce has been delivered, the napkins a mere 6"x11" to cut down on water, energy & detergent needed to launder, and of course they are made locally, and support organic cotton farms. Take out mugs are proper mugs bought at a second hand store for a dollar each.

No commercial sodas here, they make there own from locally made maple syrup and seltzer water. I could go on and on. I was so impressed by the effort which goes into this place, and how unpretentious and welcoming the place is. I know many of you reading this will never have the opportunity to visit but I felt I wanted to include them in a blog, to tell everyone how good it was. I hope business continues to grow.

You would have problems eating fresher fish than served here. It is served by happy staff who are paid fair wages for the work they do. It was a whole experience and I hope I get the chance to visit again sometime.

And the name, well it was the result of a doodle the owner's boyfriend used to scribble on his letters. A simple thing, but a great name for a wonderful cafe.
So check it out on it is worth a look.

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