Wednesday, August 5, 2009


During the summer months I enjoy the flexibility of eating. No one seems to mind if the BBQ is running late as there is always something tasty in the fridge to nibble while waiting. I always have cold meats, cheeses pickles, salads, and there is an abundance of fresh tomatoes and peppers in the garden. This is one of my favourite ways to eat. Everyone sharing a platter of tasty nibbles. With good salt and freshly ground pepper and a selection of dressings even the simplest of foods become quite a feast, and not only for your taste buds but also for the eye.

So when asked to bring along an appetiser to a friends BBQ what could be easier than a nice antipasti plate. I had parma ham, bressola and mortadella, so that was a good start. I picked some tomatoes opened jars of artichokes and peppers added some buffalo mozzarella, I also had some sweet pickled onions to add to the platter, not fogetting some tasty olives. I also decided to slice up a cantaloupe melon to add a sweetness to the salty meats. So without too much effort I had a very acceptable appetiser to take along with something for everyone to enjoy.

This is a staple of our summer entertaining. Good simple, tasty food fast, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy with my friends.


Sallie said...

This looks absolutely divine!

Coby said...

What a delightful and tempting platter of food! I love being able to sit around a platter of delicacies with a cold glass of something and some great conversation - who needs the barbie?;)