Wednesday, August 19, 2009


One thing that puzzled me on my arrival in the US was the coffee cake I was being served in cafes. Every time I ordered it I was amazed at the lack of coffee flavour in my offering. It was some time before I realised that here in the States, coffee cake is merely a cake served with coffee! Puzzle over. I now know to ask what flavour the coffee cake is. Strange question. If you asked the same question at home people would think you had gone crazy.

I have a fond memory of coffee cake and that is why I think I am drawn to it when I see it on a menu. My gran used to make the most delicious coffee cake. It always would taste better the day after it had been baked as the coffee flavours seemed to develop. The recipe was passed on to me, and today as the rain poured down and warnings of tornados and severe weather filled the TV screen, yes it is summer here, I decided to find comfort in my kitchen and what better to bake than my Gran's wonderful coffee cake.

The reason I like this recipe so much is that it is a one step process. Everything is put in the mixer together and then turned into the pans. It couldn't be easier.
Today I took the liberty of baking individual cakes, in little dariole moulds. My gran was a modern thinking lady and I am sure she would approve of my change. My reason behind this was that I have some friends coming for coffee tomorrow and thought it would be nice to serve individual portions instead of a slice of cake.

1tsp instant coffee granules
1/2oz(100g) self rising flour
3 1/2oz(100g) demerrara sugar
3 1/2 oz(100g) softened butter
3 med eggs.

For the Icing

2tsp instant coffee granules
3 1/2oz(100g)icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
1 3/4oz(50g) softened butter.

Pre heat oven to 350f(180c)
Disolve coffee granules in 3 Tbsp boiling water.
Tip all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat until smooth.
Divide between 6 well greased dariole moulds.
Place moulds on a baking tray and put in the centre of the oven for 20-25 mins until they have risen and are firm to the touch.
Remove from oven and turn out on to a wire rack.

When cool mix together the icing ingredients and spread on top of the cakes. I put a chocolate covered coffee bean on top and sprinkled with a little coffee powder.

How easy is that?

As I had cooked them in the dariole moulds they had a muffin top on them. I cut these off and sandwiched them together with some of the icing mixture. Mmmm, a little sample for me. I hope Gran is proud of me carrying on a family recipe and also pleased that I have updated the presentation. One day I hope my daughters will pass down this recipe to daughters or daughters-in-law.

My sample.


Coby said...

Now I am not a fan of coffee flavours, but I am curious about what sort of cake a 'coffee cake' can be to qualify as a coffee cake if it has no coffee in it. I'd have thought ANY cake could be served with coffee - but is there a specific cake that IS coffee cake Jacqui? Incidentally your recipe sounds lovely - I am sure if I liked coffee.....;)

Jacqui said...

Any cake can be called coffee cake it seems. Strange but true.

Coby said...

LOL It IS strange:) So, you could therefor drop the word 'coffee' from any coffee cakes other than cakes that actually HAVE coffee in them:)