Monday, September 7, 2009


Today is Labor Day here in US and I have honoured it by giving it the American spelling, that is, no letter "u". It also marks the unofficial last day of summer, and although the sun is still shining and it is hot and sunny, the kids will all return to school tomorrow after a really long break, all the summer attractions will close as will open air pools and believe it or not it is now a fashion faux pas to wear white trousers. This is one thing I will ignore as they are my summer uniform, I plead ignorance on the fact that I am a foreigner here!

Here in Minnesota it is the final day of the Minnesotan State Fair. This annual event is a huge deal here. In fact all over the mid west such fairs are held throughout the summer months. As well as the usual attractions of farm animals and equipment, food competitions, which by the way one of our fellow bloggers managed to win a blue ribbon in the blueberry jelly section. Check out for her story.And then there is the most famous of all attractions, and that is, food on a stick. Almost any kind of food you can think of is served on a stick. From corn dogs to pork chops, bacon covered in chocolate, mac'n'cheese, fresh fruit, spag bol, all of course deep fried before being mounted unceremoniously onto a stick. I have even seen deep fried cheesecake, twinkie bars and milky ways on a stick. In my defense I have to say I have never been to the State Fair and therefor have not been party to any of these delicacies. I'm sure they are delicious. What amazes me is the new things they come up with every year. Our local paper prints lists of what you can consume from a stick. Also if you are the lucky girl who wins Miss Dairy then you will have a bust of you carved in, wait for it, BUTTER! Who says old traditions are dying out. Here in the mid west tradition is King.

I think these events are important to a community and I know thousands of people look forward to them every year. It is easy to make fun of them but without ever having been to one I will reserve my judgement. I'm sure they are lots of fun with something for everyone.

So farewell to summer and hopefully we will be rewarded by a beautiful fall, although this year I will miss most of it as I am returning to the UK at some point. I will now never be able to attend the Minnesotan State Fair but Minnesota will live on in my heart and every time I see any food served on a stick I will think fondly of it.


Coby said...

I both disgusted and tempted by the idea of some of those items on a stick! Someone very close to me, loves any meat on a stick, one wonders how he would go with his pasta and dessert served the same way!

Robin Muir said...

sounds delicous to me