Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Can't believe my cooking blog is being reduced to a complaining blog! It seems I am being thwarted at every turn in my attempts to produce meals from my new kitchen. The kitchen I love. It is small but perfectly formed. It has wonderful red units which makes me want to be in there cooking. However the love affair with it really has not taken off. Thankfully this is just a temporary residence for us.

Believe it or not it was the humble can opener that left me frustrated this time. I had started to make soup, the onions were sweating, the vegetables chopped and the stock bubbling away happily. A tin of tomatoes and and a tin of cannelloni beans sat waiting to be opened. Well, in theory they were to be opened! That is where it all started to fall apart. No matter how hard I tried I could not open the cans. I tried all ways. Kept thinking I must be doing something wrong, but let's face it how hard is it to use a can opener? I stopped short at throwing it out of the window and hoped that maybe my husband could do the job when he got home. This was going to be a very outside chance I realised, but I was all I had. In my defense it did take me a month to find out it didn't work. Either I have been cooking only fresh ingredients, or, we have been eating out way too often! What do you think?

My instincts were confirmed, my husband could not make it work, it was well and truly broken. So no soup tonight. Luckily we are surrounded by lots of good eating places and once again supper was abandoned, I would buy a new opener tomorrow, so for now we would simply eat out once again. The soup could be finished off tomorrow.

Hopefully I will soon be publishing a blog which focuses on a successfully completed dish. For my self confidence this has to happen soon, although it won't be happening tonight as we are off to a wine dinner hosted by a local restaurant. Maybe this city living isn't so bad. How important is home cooking anyway? HELP did I just say that. Don't worry I will move out of this mood soon and will once again be enjoying my kitchen exploits.

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Coby said...

Jacqui, the desire is still there after all these challenges have been thrown in your way - you WILL cook again:D You know there are ring-pull cans of tomatoes and beans here:) Of course, the sacrifice for those is the quantity is reduced, but still, no opener required.....something to consider if it's an option for you too:D Hope your dinner was delicious:)