Sunday, January 10, 2010


This morning we had kippers for Sunday brunch. Already I can hear cries of "what are kippers?" and have to say outside of UK I have not come across them on any menu. Usually they are served for breakfast or at teatime.
So let me enlighten you. They are quite simply smoked herrings. They come in pairs, and I think the reason for this is in the old traditional way of smoking, two, or a pair of kippers as they are referred to, would be tied by the tails and hung over a pole to be smoked in a smoke house. Some of these traditional smoke houses still exist, but due to new food laws, sadly fewer and fewer remain. Nowadays they will be smoked in a factory and come vacuum packed. All that needs to be done is to boil them in the bag for 15 minutes. Easy and delicious. They are soft, smokey very very tasty.
I like them served with scrambled eggs, cooked tomatoes and hot buttered toast. A perfect way to cheer up a grey Sunday morning.
One thing I am really fussy about is my scrambled eggs. They have to be soft, cooked slowly until just set. So often when out I am served hard overcooked eggs. Horrors of horrors are scrambled eggs cooked in a microwave. There should definitely be a law against this practice. It is so easy to cook them properly, there can be no excuses.


Coby said...

I know OF kippers, but have never had the pleasure Jacqui. They do look lovely, though it is a pity to hear the traditions are being cleared for the mass-produced. Couldn't agree more on the scrambled eggs - it was a revelation to The Lovely Man, that scrambled eggs didn't need a moat of water around them;) He's never looked back:D

Sallie said...

So happy to see you blogging again!

Sasha said...

But you did not give your exchange recipies. We all know how to open the bag..... But want to know how to cook to perfection