Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A bit belated, but my Burn's night this year didn't quite go to plan.

It was to be a quiet one, just myself and my husband, it was a Tuesday night, so we were not celebrating big style. I was however going to cook a delicious supper for us both to enjoy together. My husband is spending a lot of time travelling at the moment, so a nice supper together mid week was quite a treat.

Of course haggis neeps and tatties were on the menu, but with a difference. Neeps, as usual, bashed, or mashed to non Scots. The potatoes were to be roasted until nice and crispy which would be a perfect match for my chicken stuffed haggis in a whisky cream sauce. I have cooked this on several occasions. I think it is the perfect way to let "haggis virgins" try it out for the first time. If they find they don't really like the haggis then at least there is still something there for them to eat.

All was going well, table set, hubby arrived home, had his shower and I was happy in the kitchen. Potatoes were roasting nicely, neeps were bubbling away, chicken stuffed and browned and was now cooking in the oven. I was so looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the meal to come.

I bashed the neeps and removed the pan with the chicken from the oven. I put the chicken on a plate ready to flambe the whisky, and with a splash of cream and seasoning we would be ready to go.

Well go we did, but not as planned! As the hot pan slipped from the stove top believe it or not I caught it! Remember it had only just come out of the oven! A loud scream sent my husband running to my aid. I plunged my hand into cold water, and although not usually a crier, the tears poured. This really hurt. Also part of me was angry for being so stupid. As I stood there for quite some time with cold water running over my hand I decided an ER trip wasn't needed, although it was very painful. At this point my husband decided he would finish off the sauce.

I had no appetite at this point but rather than let it all spoil I sat down with my hand grasping a bag of frozen peas. I had to have my food cut up for me to allow me to eat it, enjoy it, no. But my husband said it was very nice.

So not the night I had hoped for. No photos of the meal to post. I do have one of my badly blistered hand, but not a pretty thing.
I spent the night making my way through all the frozen bag of veg, at one point I was down to a bag of frozen chips. The smell was not good.

One week later blisters healing but think there will be scars left.

So for me this Burn's night did exactly as it said on the box!


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Caroline said...

Hi! You poor thing! I really live your blog and enjoy all your culinary adventures and I just had to leave you a comment when I read about your burns night dinner:( I'm sure the meal was delicious and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Caroline @