Monday, May 2, 2011


First strawberries of summer have appeared, still a bit early for the delicious full flavour of summer, but I had to buy some.

Decided alone they were not quite yet flavoursome enough, so thought I would put them into a tart.

I had some pastry in the fridge, a carton of double cream, so with little effort we would be tucking into a nice Bank Holiday dessert.

Really there is no recipe here, so I will not insult anyone by trying to give one. I'll just pass on a few instructions on how I got them to the plate, and ultimately into our mouths!

All I did was roll out pastry, put into well greased and floured fluted individual tart tins. I baked blind for 10 mins, removed beans and finished off for another 15 mins.

Meanwhile I whipped cream with some vanilla essence, chopped some strawberries and put on some strawberry conserve to warm.

Tarts cooked and cooled and ready to be filled with cream. A few sliced strawberries on top and brushed with the sieved warm conserve.

Hey presto a delicious summery dessert to remind me of the warm days ahead, to farmer's markets filled with produce ripened in the sun, and begging to be turned into salads and dishes to be enjoyed whilst fresh, and hopefully to be eaten al fresco with the smell of BBQ in the background.

In celebration I served on my best Herend Hand Painted China, just to give it that really special feel. It doesn't get brought out often enough, maybe I need to stop thinking of it just for best and start to use and enjoy it.

I love the summer, and for now the anticipation of it is growing. So hopefully weather will oblige and I can soon be enjoying all the best British farmers are producing

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