Saturday, June 25, 2011


For us Friday night has always been a night for relaxing and chilling out. The end of a week comes with an expectation of relaxation, and the prospect of a fun weekend together.

Often my husband will have been travelling all week and is happy to return home and unwind. By Saturday he will be ready to do whatever needs to be done.

So for this reason supper on Friday has to be simple affair. He will have been eating in hotels and restaurants while away, and he longs for something homely, and hopefully delicious.

One of his favourites is something we were given as children, but I don't remember it quite so fondly as I do now. I guess our taste buds grow and our taste in food develops. So now a piece of smoked haddock poached in milk with toast and a poached egg fits the Friday night bill perfectly. I also look forward to this supper dish. Sometimes I do kick it up a bit and make a fish soup, but it is in it's simplest form that serves the purpose on a Friday night after a hard week at work.

This is not a recipe, I couldn't insult you with a recipe. It is simply a look into my life, into how we eat, what we eat and the reason behind my choices. So all I will say is take your smoked haddock, cover it in milk, add a grind of pepper, a pinch of salt and a knob of butter. Bring to the boil, turn down to a simmer for 10-15 mins depending on thickness of fish. A few snips of chives into the finished dish is all that is required. A piece of toasted french bread with a poached egg on top is all that is needed to make it a filling supper dish.

A nice bottle of wine and Friday night is complete.

Sometimes we do eat out, but deep down I know this is my husbands preferred option. So what's a girl to do?


Rhyleysgranny said...

I love smoked haddock done in milk. Such comfort food. I like the addition of the poached egg.Great idea.

Brownieville Girl said...

Beautiful presentation!

I agree with Granny, true comfort food :-}

Coby said...

Ohh, I only wish I had such a wonderful food memory as this one! Sounds delicious and I am comforted simply by seeing it and hearing how it works for you Jacqui:)

Val said...

I love smoked haddock I usually had it with a parsley sauce but I have had it in a B&B in Pitlochry with a poached egg on it and it was amazing I wonder if the B&B we are staying at in Southamton has it ???????