Thursday, July 28, 2011


Has anyone recently tried to purchase good wooden spoons?

I have just had a clear out and thrown away all my wooden spoons and spatulas, mainly because they were cracked and probably not at all hygienic. I was feeling very pleased with myself until I went to replace them. Ikea, no, they did have some wooden salad servers but not what I wanted. I was in a store in town where I was sure I would be able to buy them, again no. Lots of plastic or silicone brightly coloured ones, but not a wooden spoon in sight.

Today I was in ASDA and eagerly snapped up the one wooden spatula they had left in stock. Can this be true?

What is the deal with this? Are they an endangered species or what? Are they no longer considered practical or useful. Or maybe they have simply gone out of fashion. All I know is as much as I love my coloured silicone spatulas and spoons I do love my wooden spoons.

So I will continue the hunt. I will track some down somewhere. In the meantime I must be careful not to melt, again, one of my expensive fashionable utensils. The worst that ever happens to my wooden ones is a bit of charring, lol Adds to the flavour.

Wish me luck..


azterya said...

I've just got cheap ones from Tesco but they seem to be holding up well.

mmunford2000 said...

Ugh. I hate wooden spoons. I feel like they are all unsanitary and stained. YUCK! I much prefer silicone ones. That being said, I was recently gifted some from Pampered Chef that are nice. They are dishwasher safe and say they are sanitary. I hope that helps!

Coby said...

I'm with you Jacqui! There's a place for silicon (and even that can stain by the way) but wooden spoons are something special. My supermarket sells them, but there's no personality in those. I'd ideally like to buy them from a specialist, so I hope you find a couple of decent ones. You know, I find the flat spoons hardest to find, but most useful in the kitchen.

PS, I hope that like wooden chopping boards the wood is a naturally hygenic - misguided?

Pistachio and Rose said...

wooden spoons are the best, I love them and wouldnt change them for the world! There is a company called 'Steamer Trading' that stock every kind of wooden spoon along with everything else you could ever need in a kitchen! They have a few outlets around the UK so give them a google to see if there is one near you.