Sunday, August 14, 2011


Having some friends arriving from USA, and as they are Scots, I wanted to make their time back here a British as I could. Make them realise some of the good old things they'd left behind. I knew it was going to be a fun weekend, and wanted to make it a fun weekend to remember.

I decided to have a picnic on the beach on the Saturday, weather permitting. Given the weather in recent weeks I knew I would have no trouble keeping sandwich fillings moist as the chances of hot sunshine were few and far between.

I decided to make Scotch Eggs, but with a difference. I wanted to make the filling with black pudding instead of the usual sausage meat. However I had a bit of trouble making it stick to the eggs, don't think it was moist enough, but eventually I mixed half sausage meat and half black pudding, this resulted in a good moist mixture which moulded perfectly around the eggs. The end result was delicious, and they went down well.

A quiche, sausage rolls, some sandwiches, salad cream and a jar of Branston Pickle made the picnic uniquely British. I put in Banana Bread and some fresh fruit for dessert. Of course we needed a flask of tea, Twinings of course. I packed it all up in a disposable, but very beautiful picnic hamper from Cath Kidston. It had matching containers, napkins and paper plates all includes. We packed the picnic rug and off we went.

Soon we were at Mudeford, a beautiful beach, only 40 minutes away.

Then the fun began. The wind was blowing but eventually we secured the blanket, unpacked the picnic, and as predicted sandwiches had retained their moistness and everything else was as it should be. Soon we we tucking into it all. I can safely say the sandwiches were truly SANDwiches by the time we ate them. There was sand in the tea and the pickle, but hey it wouldn't be a real picnic if this didn't happen.

We laughed a lot. Paddled in the sea. People must have thought we were crazy, and I have to say they weren't all that wrong. It is so good to laugh and have fun with people.

The obligatory ice cream cones were eaten with relish. We were all transported back to childhood I suspect. I was happy I had remembered to pack the moist wipes, as just like children we needed them to clean up the mess we had made with the ice cream.

It was a wonderful day, spent with wonderful friends, and one which will remain in my memory for a while.

Sometimes it's good just to let your hair down and go a little crazy. Try it. You'll like it for sure.

Sadly our friends left today and the house seems ever so quiet without them. We miss them, but don't tell them that lol.

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