Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just had the worst Indian food of my life, but the experience did make us laugh, so all was not lost.

As soon as we saw the menu we should have done the sensible thing and run............ However the staff were so friendly and welcoming we felt we should perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt. Wrong.

We were brought water, choice of hot or cold, strangely here they drink hot water as it is said to cool the body, cold foods are bad in summer, yes sounds weird to me too.

Anyway a quick glance at the menu soon had us laughing, sausage curry, really? That was only the start of it. The appetiser basket contained, chicken drumsticks with no hint of curry, crispy fried tentacles and chips with ketchup. Was it too late to make a speedy exit? No we really had to stay and experience it.

We made our choices, we needed to order the appetiser as proof! I went for a pork and vegetable curry, how bad could that be? Well basically pretty bad, a fried pork cutlet with some veg covered in the same generic curry sauce as my husband's curried meatballs. I thought he had made the bad choice, but soon realised there was probably no good choices. In spite of this the restaurant was fairly busy.

We made small gesture towards eating it. Drank our Japanese beer, again a weird thing as this was the only alcoholic drink available, and believe me we needed some alcohol to see us through the experience!

It took me back to those awful Vesta curries which was my first taste of foreign food. Some of you may remember them with fondness, I did until my memory was jogged as to just how awful they were. Oh how our tastes have moved on from early days experimenting with new cuisines from around the world.

As we left, and paid what was around £9.00, a worthwhile price for the experience, and the photographic evidence.

So if you ever in any place in Asia come across COCO's Indian Cuisine run for your life, I've taken the hit for all of you lol.

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