Sunday, October 5, 2008


What better way is there than to spend an evening with good friends, good food and good wine? Luckily we have spent many such evenings, in different places, different countries and always with wonderful people. Last night was one of these nights. We were to spend the evening with three other couples. Italian was the theme of the night and we were to be treated to a deightful dinner prepared by our friends. We started off in Tania and Lu's home where we were treated to a delicious plate of antipasti. A perfect beginning to what would become a perfect night. I love antipasti and could eat it any time. The antipasti plate consisted of, italian cold cuts, marinaded mushrooms, cheeses and a delicious red pepper & tomato spread. With some good french bread and a dish of artichoke dip the evening was off to a good start. After dipping into the tasty plate of food, a few glasses of wine and the beginning of good converstion around the kitchen island the mood of the evening was set. We moved onto house number two. As we entered I could smell the aroma of something wonderful coming from the kitchen. Todd was putting the finishing touches to a risotto, and a Osso Bucco was bubbling on the stove. It was clear we were in for something special. The table was laid, the candles were lit and Frank Sinatra could be heard crooning in the background. How much better can life get? Cheryl had set the mood perfectly. We sat down filled our glasses and ate very well. The food was delicious and I savoured every mouthful. I will be asking Todd for his recipe for the Osso Bucco. With Autumn in the air it was so good to sit down to a warming supper. The wine and the conversation flowed. A bottle of Sambuca was brought to the table and the Italian theme continued. Joey and Bob provided dessert, although I am fairly certain it was more Joey than Bob who had taken the time and trouble to provide a gelato with a perfectly tart raspberry coulis. The combination of the two was just delicious. Ice Cream and Raspberries, two of my husbands favourites, together they made him a very happy man.
Sadly all too soon the evening came to an end and reluctantly we made our way home. A wonderful night was had by all and I make a mental note as we leave to do it again soon.
A big thank you to our friends who last night got together and cooked up not just a perfect meal, but a perfect evening. Also a big thank you to all our friends wherever they are in the world, who over the years we have sat down with and enjoyed evenings such as last nights. Friends are important, and to be able to get together share food, and in some cases cultures, to exchange thoughts and ideas and even when we do not share the same views it is good to be able to debate, discuss and at the end of the evening to go home and look forward to doing it all over again at a later date. Evening like this make me feel part of a something and not an outsider who just happens to be passing through. So here's to many more of these evenings.

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