Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was so happy at the weekend to find my supermarket had blood oranges in stock. It is so difficult to buy them, and although the season should run now through June I am usually lucky to find them for a couple of weeks at this time of year.

I just love when I cut into the juicy ripe fruit, and I am always amazed by the blood red juice hidden inside. And the smell, can't help but smile when I first small the orange aroma. I love the sweetness of the fruit and find myself eating a couple a day. I sometimes squeeze the juice and enjoy a nice refreshing breakfast drink. It really is a pick up on a cold morning, a little bit of sunshine in the middle of winter.

I don't know why I am so fascinated by this fruit, I'm guessing it is just the unexpectedness of what lies within. Some look bloodier than others but almost without exception I find they a luscious and juicy, and of course healthy, which is a bonus.

If you haven't had the pleasure I recommend you try them out and hopefully, like me, you will be smitten. I wait all year for the appearance of this fruit in my supermarket and I am always delighted the first day I find them. I can't wait to rush home and sink my teeth into the first one of the season. I can taste it as I write. So no more to be said on the subject I'm off to enjoy a nice juicy blood orange as soon as I've finished posting this blog.


Sallie said...

MMMMMMMMMM! I can't wait to pick up some and give them a try!

Coby said...

I think our season is even shorter than yours Jacqui! I adore blood oranges and usually try to freeze some of the zest and juice on the one or two days (so it seems) they are available. I love the spicy flavour of them too. Just glorious, and I am surprised there aren't more grown, I am sure there must be a market for them.