Saturday, January 31, 2009


While flicking through yet another new foodie magazine to hit the shelves, I was became intrigued by an article on peoples "best meal ever." This set me thinking. For a couple of days I thought about all the places we had eaten, all the wonderful meals we have been lucky enough to enjoy, but was unable to come up with just one choice. Then I realised it is not always about what you have eaten, but often location or occasion can play a big part in the memory. So with that in mind I will share with you a few of my "most memorable meals".

On our 25th wedding anniversary my husband and I were fortunate to be celebrating in Australia. We took a trip to Uluru,(Ayres Rock) and were blown away by the dining in the desert experience. We were taken out to the desert to watch the sunset behind the rock. Tables were laid with white linen and sparkling glasses. The food was bush food. I remember kangaroo being on the menu. But the food was not the reason for this being one of my choices. It was definitely the location and of course the occasion. Here I was with my husband of 25years sharing this mind blowing experience. As the sun set and the only light was coming from the candles on the tables and small bonfire which had been lit all around us, I remember thinking how this night would stay with me forever.

My husband and I were lucky enough to live for 5 years in Hungary. We lived in a small town half way between Budapest and Vienna. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to embrace the culture and enjoy everything we could whilst we were there.
I remember my first taste of foie gras, and yes I know it is no longer considered pc to serve it, and many restaurants have banned it, but this only makes the memory sweeter. We were sitting on the banks of the Danube enjoying a warm summer evening when I was first seduced by foie gras. It was served on a slice of toasted brioche with an orange chutney on the side. The glass of the famous Hungarian Tokai served along side completed the dish. Here is truly a meal to be remembered for the exquisite taste, and of course the location only enhanced the experience. Perhaps this is truly a story of the forbidden fruit tasting sweeter.

On a much simpler note. While holidaying in France I remember how delicious the french bread tasted, served with nothing more than sweet french butter and a slice of perfectly ripe brie. Simple is often the way to go.

Lastly I want to say that any meal shared with family and friends will always come top of my list. To share a table with people I love, sharing lively conversation, good wine and food cooked from the heart is, in my opinion the best meal in the world.

I would love to hear of your favourite meal.

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Lady!!! Ayes Rock Australia, Hungary, France are a global jet setter indeed!!!! Oh but to be a piece of clothing in your suitcase!!!!!