Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today was fun. I had a playday with my little cooking friend, Izzy. On the menu today was pizza. Every child loves pizza. Okay, so no fancy toppings, but sometimes simple is better in my opinion.

I had made up the dough last night, so we were ready to go. Copious amounts of flour later, and with the kitchen looking as if a flour bomb had dropped she had managed to roll, pull and stretch the dough into a pizza shape. She was slightly concerned that it wasn't "a circle pizza" but I assured her that was okay. She lovingly spread over the tomato sauce, making sure every bite would recieve the same amount, I had to gently guide her away from the edge so she would have a crust. Turns out she doesn't like the crust, so I should have let her go ahead. Last the cheese, mozzerella, she wasn't sure if she liked this cheese. I assured her all pizzas had this cheese on them and it would taste better cooked. That seemed to satisfy her.

15 mins later we pulled a very hot pizza from the oven. She was so happy. 15 mins after that she had eaten almost half of it, so I'm guessing it was a success.
She returned home with an extra one she had mad for her dad. Hope he appreciates all the effort she put into it.

She wants to do meringues next time, but I think that is a bit adventuous and will gently sway her in the direction of cupcakes.

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Coby said...

You know my o/h never eats the crust and he's a fair bit older than your sous chef Jacqui! On a good pizza it's a favourite with me:) This little girl is so fortunate:) I am sure her father must have been chuffed to receive an Izzy made pizza...wonder if he ate the crusts?;)