Wednesday, January 28, 2009


After reading earlier in the week, when Coby posted a holiday breakfast recipe it set me thinking. So often we overlook the most important meal of the day, breakfast. We are all so busy making sure everyone gets to where they are going on time that we guzzle something down without too much thought to how it will affect our day. Deep down we all know the importance of breakfast but somehow we never quite get around to planning it, and most of us will suffer mid morning when we find ourselves turning to the cookie jar to boost our sugar levels.

If we do manage something it is usually cereal, and depending on which one you choose, it may or may not be healthy. Toast another favourite in our house at breakfast. Topped with peanut butter or jam we gulp it down with couple of slurps of tea and off we go. Not the best start. Or maybe we grab an apple or banana or an apple from the bowl on the way out the door. My husband is pretty good, sometimes, and will rise a bit earlier to make his porridge before he sets out. Now there is a breakfast which will see you through the morning, and help lower your cholesterol at the same time. Top it with some blueberries and you have a delicious, nutritious start to the day. However not my favourite food.

So when the weekend arrives and we find ourselves with time to relax over coffee and breakfast it is nice to take time and prepare something delicious. Lightly scrambled eggs with smoked salmon served on a toasted brioche is one of my favourites, closely followed by poached or coddled eggs. Pancakes and waffles are reserved for the times when we have overnight guests and of course bacon and maple syrup will be served alongside.

One of my favourite starts to the day is prunes, steeped overnight in sweetened earl grey tea, and topped off with vanilla yogurt. Mmmn. The longer the prunes soak in the tea the more syrupy the tea becomes. And the good thing is if I make enough at the weekend I can enjoy them for a couple of mornings in the week. Makes me feel a bit smug when I start a week day off like this.

All you need to do to make this delicious start to the day is:

1. Put prunes into a bowl and cover with sweetened earl grey tea. Sweeten tea to taste.
2. Leave overnight in fridge.
3. Serve with vanilla yogurt.

Easy, delicious and a change from our usual grab and go breakfast. Hope you will take the time to try this out.


Coby said...

I love the sound of this Jacqui:) Never heard of it before, but it's brilliant. I often make bircher muesli, which I always misspell, but it still tastes great, I think your prunes would be beautiful atop this:D Do you choose pitted prunes?

Jacqui said...

I prefer pitted prunes. It takes the trouble of knowing whet to do with stone away. I have also made this muesli from a cook book by Bill Granger, an Aussie. I love his books.