Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday night's big Burns' Supper dinner party is now only a memory, a very good memory I have to add. Thanks to all the photos people have been sending me it is a memory easily recalled.

Everything went according to plan. People arrived on time, food came out of the oven on time, the whisky flowed as did the conversation, and everyone was having a good time. Once the food had been consumed speeches were made, poems recited and the pipes skirled filling the house with a celebratory feeling. And then the dancing started. As I looked around the room all I could see were smiling faces. My job was done!

The secret to a good party, organisation, organisation, organisation.

By Wednesday of last week I had the dining table set, for 12. I had a late request for an invite and managed to squeeze another setting in.The more the merrier in my book. Thursday saw me at the supermarket with list in hand, didn't want to take any chances of forgetting something. Later that day I made sure there was clean towels and soap in bathrooms and prepared spare bedrooms for guests who would be staying over.
Friday saw me in the kitchen cooking. The countdown was now on. Soup was made, haggis, neeps and tattie ramekins assembled. All that was left to do Saturday was prepare vegetables, one of my husbands contributions, the other was to make the bread, I prepared the stew and put it in the slow cookers. The puff pastry, bought ready made, who needs to struggle with this? It would be cooked on time. I put together the Cranachan for dessert and then happy everything was on schedule went out for lunch with my husband.

4-00pm saw me relaxing in a nice hot bath. I then spent the next hour relaxing and preparing myself for the big night.

6-30, gin and tonic in hand, I did a double check round the table, my husband lit the candles and we were now ready for the first guests to arrive.

By 7-15 the house was full of happy smiling friends and neighbours, glasses in hand and all anticipating on what lay before them, We had 7 Burns virgins. One thing was sure they would soon know what a Burns' night was all about.

All in all a great night was had by all. The haggis doubters had to confess to liking it, much to their surprise. Whisky lovers enjoyed a variety of malt whiskies from my husbands rather large collection. I think "THE OBAN MALT" was the hit of the night.

At 3-00am, with the first load of dishes in the dishwasher I made my way happily upstairs to bed. We'd deal with the rest of the devastation in the morning. Sleep comes easily.



Val said...

Thank-you for a great Burns Supper our first in the USA.
The food was excellent as usual. Craig is still raving about the Steak Pie and the Haggis I think you might have a lodger soon.
Great food,wine, whisky and company who could ask for anything more!!!!

Coby said...

I know I'd like a good haggis, if only I ever get the chance:) I am so impressed with how you were completely at ease and relaxed with your preperation leading to entertaining so many people Jacqui!

Gavan aka The Healthy Irishman said...

Hey Jacqui, how's it going? I love this soup. I actually did it for a party I had a few months back. It was a Taste of the British Isles so I did this. Turned out great even with the prune which I'm also not sure why it's in there!
The site looks great. Hope life's also great.