Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't know about where you are reading this from, but at the moment, here in US, there is a huge problem with salmonella which has been linked to peanut butter. First it was reported that it was only product produced for institutions, ie: schools, hospitals, hostels etc. However daily we are getting reports which lead me to believe the real extent of the problem isn't really known. Now product containing peanut butter have been withdrawn from sale. I have thrown away my one jar from the refrigerator. Better not take any chances here.

This led me to think about making my own. I'm not a huge peanut butter eater, but I do occasionally like some on hot toast. A comfort food, and peanuts are good for you. Also I know the neighbourhood kids all love it, so with their welfare in mind I set to work.

I say work but that is a joke. It is as easy as putting peanuts, I used unsalted, roasted nuts, into a processor and hitting the button. Once they are all broken down you add some oil, I used canola, until you get the required consistency. And hey presto, peanut butter. Home made, safe and quite delicious. You can make as little or as much as you like. You can also replace the peanuts for almonds if you prefer.

I'm now off to deliver to the mum's with peanut butter eaters. Kids are a hard critics so I await the reviews.Keep you fingers crossed for me.


Coby said...

Necessity has worked to your advantage here Jacqui:) Did you not want to add any sugar? I only ask because here in Aus (no salmonella issues right now) I am sure that all the regular bought peanut butters have sugar (and salt I think). Some of them are TOO sweet, but some taste just right. That could have something to do with what I am used to though:) You could make a mean satay sauce using your home made peanut butter too mmmm:)

PS I hope no one has been seriously harmed by this outbreak - some of the places it started in are the people most likely to be in real trouble if affected.

Jacqui said...

No sugar! I find store bought often too sweet so this is a bonus.
UNfortunately there have been several fatal cases, mostly in the elderly who sadly are most vulnerable.

Sallie said...

Robin told James how good this was - I am going to make some next week. My little one LOVES peanut butter and often begs for it by the spoonful! I usually buy the natural ones at the health food store, but this would be even better. Thanks for this post!