Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Baby

No new recipes today. Just want to let the world know that today my daughter and her husband brought a new life into this world. My grandson was born in a time of uncertainty, but with his birth I see a new optimism for a new generation.

Cooking has dropped off my agenda for a few days as I celebrate a new life and a new generation, a continuation of our family.

I am so happy and so looking forward to travelling to Scotland next week to be acquainted with my new grandson, Archie.

Life is good.


Val said...

What a cutie !!!!
Congratulations gran and grandpa.
Enjoy your stay in Scotland spoiling him !!!

Coby said...

Oh Jacqui CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beautiful precious cherub your darling grandson Archie is! Absolutely nothing like the birth of a precious new bab to remind us the world can be a magical place:D

Sallie said...

Congratulations! Baby Archie is such a sweet little peanut - enjoy getting to know him next week. There is no greater blessing than that of a healthy baby being brought into the world - congratulations!

The H.I. said...

Hey Jacqui, congrats on the new arrival. You must be a very proud mother of the mother!
Hope all's well with you.