Tuesday, March 3, 2009


At last I find myself back in the kitchen cooking. For the last few days I have been so excited by the new baby in the family I have found it hard to concentrate on anything, and as a result we have been eating out, or eating out of the freezer.

However, Saturday saw me venture once again into my domain, the kitchen. We were going to visit some Scottish friends and "wet the baby's head", which we did with consummate ease. The evening was casual and relaxed, just what I needed after the excitement of the previous few days. I needed time to wind down and draw breath. How nice it is to have friends that give you the chance to do just that.

Our friends have a grown up son Craig, who has become my number one fan since we first met almost 6 months ago. I have known his parents a bit longer. The reason for this? Well, No: 1, he loves to eat. No:2, he loves to eat Scottish food which he remembers from his childhood, and from his trips home. So who better to befriend than thecelticcook!

I have cooked several Scottish recipes for them and I decided I would take along some MILLIONAIRE'S SHORTBREAD for Craig's approval. Basically it is a layer of shortbread covered in a layer of caramel and covered in chocolate. Deliciously tempting and oh so high in calories, but a little bit of what you fancy is my motto.
Craig was happy with my offering and wasted no time in trying it out. I think it got his seal of approval.

240g unsalted butter
300g all purpose flour
120g superfine sugar.
Heat oven to 180c(350f). Blend the ingredients with a pinch of salt in a food processor until it forms a ball. Press into the base of a 23x30x6cm tin.(10x12x2")
Bake for 25mins until golden.


240g unsalted butter
240g light muscovado sugar
4tbs golden syrup(corn syrup)
400g tin unsweetened condensed milk.
To make the caramel put put the ingredients into a pan and bring to a gentle simmer.
Whisk, and cook for a further 10mins until thickened.
Pour over shortbread layer.
Chill until firm.

Melt 200g dark chocolate. (70%cocoa)
Pour over caramel and leave until set.
Cut into squares.
Will keep for up to a week if kept chilled.

This is a really sweet treat and a small square is usually enough. However sometimes it is difficult not to keep nibbling. Hope you enjoyed it Craig.


Sallie said...

These look great and I want to try them out - can you buy this type of sugar at any grocery store? I haven't heard of it before - I will have to look for it on my next trip. Thanks for the recipe!

Mary said...

Very nice , they dont seem hard to make , i might just try , cheers!