Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back Blogging

Can't believe I have been away from my blog for so long, almost 6 weeks. It is good to be back although it was sad leaving everyone in Scotland behind. Still won't be too long until they start arriving here over the summer.

One thing I loved being home was the ability to walk to the shops. I had forgotten just how much fun it was. The people are so friendly and know almost everyone who walks through the doors. A warm welcome always awaits you. My older daughter lives in a small town in the Southwest of Scotland and it is wonderful to make daily trips to the shops, especially as I was pushing my new grandson in his pram. I was a very proud Granny.

My favourite shop was most definitely the butchers shop. / Check it out. As I walked through the door I thought this is what a butchers should smell like. It was a memory from my childhood when everyone shopped locally. The array of meats and pies were second to none. Alongside the beef was a nice selection of local jams and pickles, marinades and sauces to accompany the produce on sale. The service was friendly and knowledgeable. Alan, the owner was a smiling, happy Irishman obviously passionate about his shop, and Linda was a most helpful assistant. The choice was amazing. Beautiful cuts of lamb and venison, pork and beef sat happily with the pies. Steak pies,pork pies, mince pies and even haggis pies. I was having a hard time deciding which type of sausage I would buy. There were pork, pork and apple, beef, haggis & pork,chicken and more I have trouble remembering.

I was impressed by the prize winning cups and certificates dotted around the shop. This is definitely a guy who knows his business and what his customers want. I so miss this shopping experience, I would swap my supermarket shopping for this any day. I think it is important to support the small local store and when they are supplying produce and service as good as this then why wouldn't you?

Keep up the good work.

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Coby said...

Jacqui, it has been a long time, but I bet, as you were seeing your family, and especially that precious babe, it flew by so quickly! Sounds like you had a fab time, even during the most 'mundane' moments, lol which obviously weren't mundane at all:) I too am able to walk to the shops and our butcher is independent. It's lovely but I suspect some of that produce in your daughter's butcher shop would be more than welcome here:)