Saturday, May 16, 2009



Another weekend and another birthday in the neighbourhood. This gives me another chance to create something new. I have been wanting to make cookies in the shape of purses, shoes and hats for some time now and Alexa's 12th birthday seemed like the perfect occasion. No one is ever too old for a cupcake, but with the addition of these cookies it would hopefully be fitting of her becoming a young adult. No childish party for her but a fondue party for her and a few of her best friends. How quickly children grow up.

I made up my cookie dough and went to work cutting out the shapes with cookie cutters from Williams and Sonoma.When they came out of the oven I was desperate to get started on the fun bit of decorating, but I did wait patiently until they were ready to ice.

I have just acquired a wonderful new cookbook called "The Hummingbird Cafe" and it is full of wonderful American cakes, cookies and muffins, check it out. I had decided to use this book for the royal icing recipe. I'm sure this book will become well used over the years.

I then went to work. Soon realised this was going to take longer than I had thought, although it was not a problem as I had left myself plenty of time, and was really enjoying the task, and once I got into it I got faster and more confident with what I was doing. When I was finished I was pleased with the results and sure that Alexa would be happy with her birthday treats.

Although I love to cook it is always nice to have this kind of project. It is just so much fun and for a little effort it can make someone very happy.

I used a sugar cookie recipe and I'm sure you all have one of those but I will give you the recipe for the icing. I found it easy to use and it hardened to a nice finished result

1 egg white
1/2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 1/2 cups icing sugar (confectioners)sifted.
food colouring optional

Beat egg white with lemon juice. Gradually add sugar mixing well after each addition to ensure it is well incorporated. Whisk until you get soft peaks.You may not need all the sugar or you may need a little more to get the right consistency. Now add any colourings.

I used a thicker icing to outline then added a drop of water to fill in the outlines. This was so much fun to do I cannot wait to try again. Perfect for my next girl's coffee I think.


Coby said...

If I ever attempted anything like that, I am sure it would be the very last one I iced that I finally felt comfortable doing;) They all look so beautiful! Perfect for a young lady:D

creativemommy said...

Alexa and her friends absolutely loved their girly cookies and cupcakes. Izzy and I thought they were delicious too! Thank you once again for making a birthday in our family extra special. You're the best!