Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We are experiencing some weird weather here, yesterday it soared to 97f and it is the same again today. Problem is it is very windy. Chairs blowing off the deck windy, not nice at all. I feel as if when I step outdoors I am standing in front of an open oven door. Still should be back to normal mid to high 70's over the weekend.

So last night,with my husband out of town, and in no mood to cook, I found myself staring into the fridge for sandwich ingredients. However my neighbour, Avni, arrived in the nick of time with some Indian food she had cooked. Being Indian, Avni is bringing me the real deal, authentic Indian cuisine. I was so happy she had thought of me, especially last night.

What she brought was PAV BHAJI. Bhaji, being the word for vegetables, it was a delicious vegetable curry. I heated it up warmed some naan bread I had in the freezer and with a few minutes I was tucking into a perfect supper dish. It was fairly hot, but not too hot.

I asked her for the recipe, but as with all family recipes there are no set ingredients, quantities or timings. So here is a way to get all the instructions you will need, just go to you enjoy this as much as I did. I also thought it might be nice to swap the vegetables out for chicken or shrimp. Enjoy experimenting.


phaimily said...

Wow Jacqui! You make it look so gourmet!! The presentation looks great!
I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Nita Jain said...

Hey Jacqui...that was wonderful and I truly appreciate your idea of putting up the recipe on your blog for others to follow. And the way you have presented it has been excellent.This dish is a super duper way to bring to use all your vegetable left overs by adding some zing and style and lo ! now you can cheat people at home by turning leftovers awfully appetizing!!