Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I took delivery of my long awaited new coffee Machine, a Gaggia Brera. This was going to be the centre piece for my kitchen. Way too big for my tiny kitchen, but I hope it will prove worthy of the space it takes up.

When it arrived, I quickly unpacked it in anticipation of that first cup of perfection. I got it all plugged in and all the bits in the right place. Then I had to go through a rinsing programme before it would be ready to use. A neighbour arrived in the middle of this, and although I am always happy to see people this time I was itching to get back to job in hand.

Finally I was alone again with my machine! Then it was all ready to go. Yuk! First cup was almost water. Never mind I'd try again. Not much better. I had by this time realised it was going to take a bit of time to get a good cup of coffee and considerably longer to reach the perfect cup.

Sometime later, a lot of knob twiddling and adjusting, and many cups of strong black coffee later, I was pretty close to achieving my aim. The bean to cup setting seemed to be right, the right amount of coffee was appearing in the cups and the crema was looking good. More importantly it was tasting good. One more espresso just to be sure. Ooops need to refill bean hopper!

Now time to try out the milk steamer and frother. This would deliver me the perfect cappaccino. All according to my own taste of course. No problem with this function. Now it was time to sit down and enjoy that first relaxing cup. Ha, ha. I had drunk so much coffee there wasn't a hope in hell of me relaxing!

Several hours later with bed time looming I realised sleep might be a stranger. I was so full of caffeine I lay and watched the clock tick round. 1-00am, 2-00am, 2-48, 3-12. Was the night never going to end?

So here I am in the afternoon finding lack of sleep catching up. I have a supper club meeting tonight and want to be fully awake
to enjoy it. I know, more coffee, lol.

I'm sure I'll soon find the balance, but in the meantime I aim to enjoy my new coffee machine to it's full


Brownieville Girl said...

Having a bit of coffee machine envy here!!!!!

Congrats on the new addition to the family!

Rhyleysgranny said...

I wish I could type in green It looks amazing. I know what you mean by the perfect cup of coffee.I am a slave to that goal.