Friday, February 18, 2011


Faced with another night eating alone I decided a sandwich really wasn't going to cut it. With my husband regularly out of town I was finding myself more and more eating soup and sandwiches, more than was good for me, or indeed than was really necessary.

Don't get me wrong I love a nice bowl of soup and it is a great way of eating lots of veg without too much effort. But I was feeling like something really tasty but still wanted to keep it easy and quick......I find it really soul destroying spending lots of time cooking only to eat it in 5 minutes. It really is very difficult to eat a meal slowly when you are eating alone. No conversation to break up the mouthfuls.

I love chicken, in any form, so I had pulled some from the freezer earlier in the day and it was now ready for cooking. I cut the chicken breast into strips and after a 10 minute marinade in lime juice, crushed garlic, S&P and a pinch of crushed dried chillies this would be the basis of my supper.

I had also pulled some tortillas from the freezer so now all I had to do was turn an avocado into guacamole and with a spoonful of sour cream I would be tucking into Fajitas. I now am thinking a Fajita could be called a sandwich. Basically food wrapped in bread. Oh well what can you do? It doesn't feel like a sandwich so that will do for me.

To make the guacamole I mash the ripe avocado with crushed garlic, a chopped, deseeded tomato, some finely chopped red onion, a squeeze of lime juice, pinch of chilli flakes, S&P. Mix it all together, check for seasoning and it's ready to go.If there is no onion or tomato to hand then you can leave them out, this is just the way I prefer it and usually I have these ingredients in the fridge.

I put the wok on add some oil, when it is hot I stir fry the chicken. It only takes about 6-7 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. I then pour on the remaining marinade and a handful of chopped coriander which I found in the fridge. Usually I will also stir fry a red or yellow pepper with the chicken but today I was all out. But as this recipe is fairly relaxed it doesn't really matter.

I now heat the tortillas. The way I like to do this is to heat them over the gas. Holding then with tongs I flip them a couple of times until they start to bubble and go brown at the edges, the smell is amazing.

All that is left to do is serve. Although I am only cooking for myself I still like to make my food look nice on the plate. This is no time for laziness. I love well presented food. I place some chicken down the middle of the tortilla, add a spoonful of sour cream and guacamole, I wrap the chicken and I now have, yes I know a sandwich! But a great one. It tasted really good and I found myself preparing a second one. Great result.

So as you can see it is simple and quick, ingredients can be added or omitted, lemon juice can be used instead of lime, as long as the garlic and chilli is in the marinade then you will be able to create your own Fajitas whenever you want.

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Brownieville Girl said...

Perfect "alone" food - and it doesn't matter if you get avacado on your chin!!!!