Monday, March 14, 2011


Don't let the title of this blog mislead you, it is merely an innocuous birthday cake for a two year old! The two year old in question is my grandson Archie. Hard to believe two years have past since I posted his arrival, a very happy day in our family. Two years on he is a happy lively little boy with a great love of Toy Story, and in particular for Buzz Lightyear.

So with the big birthday coming it seemed a Buzz cake would be the perfect cake. However on this occasion I would not be making the cake instead my daughter, Archie's aunt, known affectionately as Carrie Cupcake, would produce the goods. I was hugely grateful as this was going to be quite an undertaking. Looked like a lot of work, but nothing is too much for our little guy.

A trial run was done, pics texted to me for approval. I was delighted by the first attempt and would have been happy if this had been my final cake! She was concerned he had, how shall we put it............. a gay look to him, but I could not fault it, and her colleagues in school certainly enjoyed the fruits of her trial run.

The big day arrived, the pressure was on. She worried about him not recognising Buzz. Silly girl this was most definitely Buzz in his full glory. She arrived with the cake and of course it was a big hit. Everyone loved it and asked if she would take orders. Her panic was over and she took the praise in her stride.

I was so proud of her and a little bit of me wants to think it was my genes that passed on this talent.

So well done Auntie Carrie you made Archie the envy of his little friends, made me a very proud mum and made people take notice of your talent. Keep making those cupcakes and making people happy.

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Ah, that's so lovely
Well done CC!