Thursday, January 26, 2012


Once again it was time to serve up haggis for Burn's Night. Anyone who reads this blog regularly may remember last year was a bit of a disaster due to a very hot pan coming into contact with my hand. My eyes still water at the memory.
However the pain forgotten, and determined to make this year's dinner an altogether more pleasurable one, I bought my haggis and neeps, and planned to keep it very simple and very traditional.

Aforementioned haggis was bought from Waitrose, a product of McSween, a very reputable haggis making company. I was so looking forward to it.

Tatties and neeps ready. Removed haggis from oven and much to my surprise it didn't looked cooked, it was altogether too pale. It was hot, so I decided to give it another 15 mins. But again it looked the same, but now piping hot. I started to dish up, and it was at this point I spotted traces of carrot and nuts, amongst other things that have no place in a haggis.

I couldn't have, surely not! I retrieved the packaging from the bin and scoured the labelling. No obvious reference to what I suspected, but there, on the ingredients list, confirmed my worst fears. It was a vegetarian haggis. So wrong on so many levels. I did eventually find it written on the packaging but it was not obvious. I had made a horrible mistake.

I served it up anyway, and to be honest, it was as I had suspected. Not at all haggis like. The texture was all wrong and the seasoning wasn't doing it for me. I was so disappointed.

So this leads me to something that I have been saying for a long time

"Vegetarians please get your own name for foods. Leave our food words for us. We have the sausage, the burger and the haggis to name a few, you must find your own words"
Then maybe no one else will make this dreadful mistake.

Whew! Good to get that off my chest.

So once again a Burn's night which didn't go to plan. Oh well there's always next year. Maybe I should do a few practice runs during the year. I have to get it right eventually.

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Coby said...

Oh gosh that does sound like a disappointment. I guess the Aussie equivalent would be biting into a 'meat pie' to find it was filled with lentils. I like lentils as much as you probably like their rightful place!