Friday, March 16, 2012


Last night I went to my last supper club meeting here in Southampton. For just over two years we have been meeting at different locations to enjoy food and friendship. We meet once a month, with the odd extra one slipped in when there is either, something to celebrate, or sometimes simply because we fancy getting together.

I found the group through a forum in WOMAN & HOME magazine. I would advise anyone moving to a new area to hunt down a similar group. It is a great way of meting new people. And as it is a supper club then immediately you have something common with the people you meet.

We have had good meals, average ones and some not so good, but through it all we enjoy good company, lots of chatting and a lot of laughs.

We are all different, some single, some wishing they were, some happily married. We are all different ages, at different places in our lives, and from this brings a network of support. A shoulder to cry on, or someone to call if you need a chat or a cup of coffee.

I think as women we are all good at supporting each other, and whether we have to search it out or it is there on our doorsteps we should never forget the importance of our female friends.

So sadly I said goodbye to them last night. I am the first one to have left, so it had a significant meaning for the group.

As we left BANANA WHARF the site of my first meeting the girls, it was with mixed emotions. Excited about going to start a new life in Shanghai, but sad at leaving friends behind. I know there will be new ones waiting but that doesn't really lessen the pain of goodbyes.

I just want to give a special thanks to Gill who organised the get togethers. She does a great job and long may she continue bring women together to enjoy what women enjoy doing most, eating, chatting and enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Soon I will be blogging from Shanghai. I am sure there will be lots of reasons to blog and look forward to sharing my new experiences with you all. Watch this space.

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Kelly-Jane said...

I like that, meeting at least once a month for supper. Very civilised :)

Hope your move goes well.