Monday, March 26, 2012


Today the packers arrived to start the journey to Shanghai. We fly out on Friday, so it's all systems go here.
Cupboards are now totally empty and food is whatever or wherever I can find it!

One cup of tea (Twinings Detox) and three chocolate mini cream eggs.

I am hoping the detox balances off the chocolate, what do you think? If you are wondering why only 3 eggs, well I have to save some for tomorrow's breakfast of course.

Crisps, sandwich and "hotdog wrapped in rosti potato! Oh and a coke to wash it down.

Ok I know it's not exactly gourmet but a walk to the local garage (gas station) didn't have too much to choose from. I was going to stick to the tuna sandwich and crisps but who could resist the chance to try a hotdog wrapped in crispy rosti?
First of all "crispy" was a lie......... It was, as I had expected, a disgusting creation, but I had felt it my duty to try it out and report back lol. Don't ever be tempted.


This sounds like it will be the best meal of the day. We had planned to eat out but a kindly neighbour has taken pity on me and invited us for dinner. A home cooked meal is just what we need. I know it will be delicious, the company will be good and a nice soft chair to relax in. At this moment they are wrapping my sofas.

So glad I begged a coffee for aforesaid neighbour as it has led to what will be a nice relaxing evening.

Tomorrow moving in with friends for a couple of nights so things will improve drastically.

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