Sunday, April 15, 2012


Two weeks into my Shanghai experience and everything okay.
I am loving the shopping trips. The supermarkets are busy, colourful and very noisy. It seems around every corner there is someone, often in some kind of costume, with a loud speaker calling out, what I assume, to be daily deals and offers. However, it often makes me jump as I wander around and suddenly my ears are assaulted by this. Might not be so bad if I knew what they were saying!
I spend twice as long as I did at home filling my cart. Problem obviously being that I have to either work out, using pictures on products, or in some cases I am lucky and find a translation on the pricing labels on the shelves.
When I find a translation I am really happy, that is until I get home and find I have shelves of products that I can't read what's on them lol So I spend a lot of time smelling and tasting. Once contents are identified I write translation on bottle or jar.
I though I had bought fish sauce last week, purely because there was a picture of a fish on the bottle. Makes sense doesn't it? But no the fish apparently is the trademark of some company or other. Back to the drawing board.
It is all fun, well most of the time, sometimes it can be a wee bit frustrating, fortunately I have lots of time to wander, scrutinise and just marvel at the wonderful opportunity this is to soak up another culture. I plan to make the best of every minute of it, frustrations included. Small price to pay for the rewards and experience.
I also enjoy shopping at my local food market but that is a blog on it's own. Watch this space.

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Kelly-Jane said...

That sounds exciting and a bit frustrating 50/50! You must post some more pictures please. :)