Saturday, January 17, 2009


I had so much fun this week creating a birthday cake for Izzy. For those of you who don't know Izzy she is my little cooking companion, she lives opposite and was about to be 5 years old! A big occasion for her. I was honoured to be allowed to prepare the cake for the big day.

What would I do? No problem there as Izzy loves everything pink and her favourite book is called "Pinkalicious". I got her Mum to let me have the book and set about recreating pinkalicious' favourite cake.

Izzy wanted cupcakes. I also decided to surprise her with her own giant cupcake. I had so much fun putting it all together, mixing up pink butter cream icing, in various shades of course, and sprinkling on the finishing touches. Took me back to when my children were small. By the time I had finished there was pink icing and sprinkles all over the kitchen and I was so happy in my little pink girly world.

I know everyone has their own cupcake recipe, the only thing you need is a giant cupcake tin which are available in all kitchen stores, and butter cream frosting isn't exactly a recipe so I won't bore you with a details, instead I will let the picture of Izzy with her cake tell the story. It proves that when you are 5 years old real pleasure lies in the simplicity of a cupcake. Oh to be 5 years old again.


Coby said...

'Girlie' and gorgeous! Can't beat the smile of a birthday girl to reward for all that hard (but fun) work:) I've never seen giant cup cake tins, that's a fab idea:)

mmunford2000 said...

I am new to your website am am enjoying all your tips. My 2 year old also LOVES Pinkalicious and its sequel, Purpleicious! I love the idea of the giant cupcake so I will have to try that next year. Thanks!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Coby I always welcome your comments, and welcome to you mmunford2000 look forward to hearing from you again.